did you know… pasteurization

A lot of our daily foods and drinks come in pasteurized state today. Pasteurization relies on the principle that most harmful bacteria can be killed by heat.For liquids, the most effective way to kill bacteria is boiling, but this compromises the flavor of the liquid. The method is mostly used for liquids and I would say that almost all the milk in the supermarket is pasteurized today.

But did you ever wondered wher the name of this process came from?

Me neither, and it’s so obvious: PASTEURization.

Yep, Louis Pasteur, the french microbiologist and chemist.

The first pasteurisation test was completed in 1864 and the process was originally conceived as a way of preventing wine and beer from souring.

Other products that can be pasteurised are:  almonds, apple cider, beer, cheese, cornbread, crabs, cream, eggs, fruit juice, Maple syrup, milk, soy sauce, tobacco, vinegar, water and wine. Also, all canned ready meals are too.


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