you can reprogram your DNA…

…It’s all about the way you think!

Our minds can influence the expression of our genetic code.

Well, conventional thinking might label such a comment as heresy. After all, isn’t it the doctors who make us well? Doesn’t science tell us that our propensity toward cancer, obesity, and a wide variety of other maladies is programmed into our genetic code?

Here’s an important point to remember: Just because people have been programmed to believe those things does not make them true. After all, a few hundred years ago the earth wasn’t flat just because the “conventional wisdom of the day” said it was.

These two videos offer some brilliant new insight into the world of health and aging. They provide a window into a realm of amazing possibility and possibility.

I hope you find them enlightening.

The applications here are enormous! If we send the right signals to our genes we can change the way our personal genetic code is expressed in the real world. Health is a huge factor in the aging process. That includes physical, mental, and emotional health.

If we believe that we are at the mercy of our genes we become helpless victims. Even then, we wouldn’t be victims of our genetic code, but of our own negative perceptions and beliefs regarding our genetics.

How much better it would be to use the incredible power of belief to heal ourselves.

sursa: aici


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