It’s “sharing” time

“To meet the challenge of this century, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility” – Dalai Lama

Long gone are the days when we could make it more or less independently of one another. Today’s reality is so complex and so interconnected, that a different outlook is needed. On the material level even so. But also on the spiritual level.

Dalai Lama calls it Chi Sem (Universal consciousness or Universal responsability) and says: “Universal responsibility leads us to commitment to the principle of honesty. What do I mean by this? We can think of honesty and dishonesty in terms of the relationship between appearance and reality. Sometimes these synchronize, often they do not. But when they do, that is honesty, as I understand it. So we are honest when our actions are what they seem to be. When we pretend to be one thing but in reality we are something else, suspicion develops in others, causing fear. And fear is something we all wish to avoid. Conversely, when in our interactions with our neighbors we are open and sincere in everything we say and think and do, people have no need to fear us. This holds true both for the individual and for communities. Moreover, when we understand the value of honesty in all our undertakings, we recognize that there is no ultimate difference between the needs of the individual and the needs of whole communities. Their numbers vary, but their desire, and right, not to be deceived remains the same. Thus when we commit ourselves to honesty, we help reduce the level of misunderstanding, doubt and fear throughout society. In a small but significant way, we create the conditions for a happy world.”


2 thoughts on “It’s “sharing” time

  1. In this century only 10 years have passed we are left with 90 more, so in order to make it a more peaceful and compassionate world the younger generation has the responsibility to create the new world,” said Dalai Lama

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