“We must disenthrall ourselves”

Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning — creating conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish.


I have a source of  inspiration who’s often feeding me with cool stuff. Heres one: A beautiful lecture of Sir Ken Robinson – Bring on the learning revolution! Shift must happen soon.

“… we have sold ourselves into a fast food model of education. And it’s impoverishing our spirit and our energies as much as fast food is depleting our physical bodies.”

KIWI – little lovely bird

Today I found an amazing story about a little bird. A flightless bird. The KIWI bird. Searching for information about Kiwis I found out that they are so unique in many ways I wanted to share it with  you.

First of all they are the smallest cousins of emu and a distant cousin of ostrich.

They are unique considering the size of the egg they are laying – almost six times bigger than a normal hen egg.

Photo by Adam Blanchette

Kiwi have a highly developed sense of smell, unusual in a bird, and are the only birds with nostrils at the end of their long beak.

Once bonded, a male and female kiwi tend to live their entire lives as a monogamous couple. From June to March the pair call to each other at night, and meet in the nesting burrow every three days. These relationships may last for up to 20 years.

They are unique among other birds in that they have a functioning pair of ovaries.

And they are flightless. Like other flightless birds (penguins, emus, australian cormorants, and others) they must survive only on the ground which is kind of harsh.

Makes you wonder: why be a bird if you can’t fly?

I think that their lifetime dream is to fly!


My Zen Master

Eckhart Tolle said: “I have lived with many zen masters, all of them we’re cats”.

I am living with a cat since 2002. Although I’m not sure about her being a zen master, there is certainly a lot for me to learn from her. Some say that a pet starts to resemble with his owner, but that is true mainly for dogs. I think cats have a bigger ability to not be stuck in their egos and can live their lives in perfect peace.

My cat came into my life after a series of events which today I might consider them a synchronicity. But that’s another story, maybe a whole future post on synchronicity.

She’s a little spoiled, talks mainly with me and she is overweight. Strangely I didn’t gave her a name. I call her with many names, especially Piticot (Dwarfy). Let’s call it P here.

I wanted to start this post saying that I have a cat but after a thought I am not sure who owns who. Maybe I am her caretaker, food-giver, brusher, softy-warm sleepmate, toy-mouse thrower, faucet opener – cause she only drinks fresh water, rubbing post, friend and maybe family. More likely you could say she owns me, since I do all of the work while she gets most benefits. But I love her and am happy to do it. This feeling of love for a cat was kind of strange in the beginning cause I enjoyed dogs and still do. I never saw myself as having a cat as I grew up. Now, I live with a cat and love it.

There are some lessons I’ve learned from P.

Don’t waste your time with others that you don’t like. Surround yourself only with people who you resonate with – physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

If something is bothering you, step aside. Any disharmony you feel you should isolate and detach from it.

Show empathy and compassion.

You cannot own another Being.

Be patient.

Choose loving-kindness over convenience.

Cum si-a luat permisul auto Dan Puric

“Dumnezeu,  iubindu-ma, ma tot pune la felurite incercari ca sa nu ma plictisesc.
Asa a fost si cu  soferia. Ne-am luat si noi masina.
Atunci mi-a zis sotia ca  ar fi bine sa-mi iau permis si eu, ca, cine stie, s-ar putea  sa fie nevoie vreodata sa sofez.
Pentru mine, lucrul asta a venit prea tarziu si m-am dus la prima lectie de soferie cu emotii de liceean, la un PECO, unde trebuia sa ma intalnesc cu instructorul.
Tremuram rau pe marginea  trotuarului, ca la  bacalaureat, si il asteptam.
Cel mai bun  lucru era ca omul  nu ma cunostea.
A venit cu o Dacia de pe vremea lui  Ceausescu, careia, cand i-a pus o frana, chiar in fata mea, i-au sarit suruburile pe jos. Le-a adunat tacticos si le-a pus la locul lor, ignorandu-ma.. Era mecanicul absolut, la intalnirea cu imbecilul absolut.

Locul mortului

Nea Ilie era plin de vaselina si avea un fes slinos pe cap. M-a citit din prima, si-a dat seama cu cine are de-a face.
Daca m-ar fi cunoscut, mi-ar fi  spus: «Vai, maestre, ce onorat sunt sa va fiu eu  instructor!» Cand mi-a zis, fara sa se uite la mine: «Ba, asta e cheia!», am inghetat.
«Fii atent, a continuat el, ambreiajul este tata, frana este mama, iar acceleratia este copilul tampit care alearga pana ce da cu capul in prima masina.» Absolut genial!
Apoi  imi spune scurt: «Treci in locul meu!» Eu, speriat:
«Lasa-ma, nene, ca n-am mai pus in viata mea mana pe asa ceva».
«Ba, tu nu te-ai saturat sa stai pe locul mortului si sa te conduca toti tampitii?»

Si atunci m-am gandit sa  strig si eu la poporul roman:

«Popor roman, nu te-ai saturat sa stai pe locul mortului
si sa fii condus de toti tampitii?»

Era o adevarata resuscitare, domnule!
Si imi tot repeta:

«Hai, hai, invata sa conduci!»

Ceea ce a urmat a fost incredibil. M-a scos direct in trafic.
Si eu trebuia sa am mana pe volan, pe chei, pe schimbatorul de
viteze, trebuia sa ma uit in cele doua oglinzi, dar si in ochii lui.
«Unde te duci, maaa? Nu vezi unde ma bagi?
O calci pe baba aia! Nu te uiti in spate?
Vezi, ba, ca intra ala in tine!»

Si m-a tinut asa, de inghetam si transpiram tot, doua zile
la rand! Nu mai eram sanatos! Nici un rol, in viata mea,
nu m-a solicitat atat de mult si nu m-a adus
intr-o asemenea stare. In a treia zi s-a linistit de tot.
Statea batranul cu o mana pe volan si cu fesul pe ochi..
Dormea, domnule! «Inseamna ca am inceput sa conduc bine»,
mi-am zis.

Crucea Sfantului Andrei

Nu l-ati vazut pe Puric disperatul intre Maestrul sau dormind
si traficul din Bucuresti. Si, tarandu-ma incet-incet,
am trecut pe langa un cimitir. Atunci Maestrul a deschis ochii:
«Ba, vezi? Aici e o fosta eleva de-a mea!»
Mie mi-a inghetat coloana vertebrala. «In cimitir?»
«Pai da! Nu e singura, e cu sotul!» «Cum a ajuns acolo?»
«Tot asa, ba, ca si tine, nu a oprit la Crucea Sfantului
Andrei, aia pe unde trece trenul. Pai, ba, cand vezi o cruce
nu te opresti sa te inchini? Treci ca animalul? Ce-o fi cu
graba asta, ca tot acolo ajungi!»
Omul asta m-a crestinat pe mine, teologul lui peste. Avea
dreptate! Cand vezi Crucea Sfantului Andrei, te uiti in dreapta
si nu crezi nici macar in ala de-ti face semn cu steagul,
ca e tara plina de prosti.

Vei invata sa conduci cand vei sti
sa te feresti de prosti, nu cand vei sti legea!!!”

Dan Puric

lista alimentelor cu potential in prevenirea cancerului

Acesti inhibitori pot opri creşterea capilarelor în celulele mutante, adesea canceroase. Consumul de usturoi, patrunjel, fructe de padure sau lemn-dulce poate preveni proliferarea celulelor maligne.

Angiogeneza este un proces fiziologic care implică creşterea capilarelor noi, a vaselor de  sânge. Este un proces normal şi vital în creştere şi dezvoltare, precum şi în vindecare. Dar este, de asemenea, un pas fundamental în procesul de tranziţie a tumorilor din stare latenta intr-una maligna.

Surse alimentare cu substante naturale-inhibitoare ale angiogenezei
Ceai verde Struguri rosii Levantica
Capsune Vin rosu Dovleac
Zmeura Bok choy (varza chinezeasca) Castraveti de mare
Mure Kale (varza creata, brocoli, conopida) Ton
Afine Soia boabe Patrunjel
Portocale Ginseng Usturoi
Grapefruit Ciuperci Maitake Tomate
Lamai Lemn dulce Ulei de masline
Mere Curcuma (şofran indian) Ulei din samburi de struguri
Ananas Nucsoara Ciocolata neagra
Cirese Anghinare (artichoke)

Lista de mai sus a fost întocmita în urma unor cercetări amănunţite asupra inhibitorilor angiogenezei. Acesti inhibitori pot opri creşterea capilarelor în celulele mutante, adesea canceroase. Consumul de usturoi, patrunjel, fructe de padure sau lemn-dulce poate preveni proliferarea celulelor maligne.

Este adevărat că studiile medicale asupra diferitelor forme de cancer nu prezintă o eficienţă ridicată a acestor alimente (vezi aici), dar acest fapt poate fi atribuit instalarii cancerului in celule. Un alt motiv de a spune: Prevenirea este mai eficientă decât vindecarea.

list of foods that prevent or slow down cancer growth

for the Romanian version click here

Angiogenesis is a physiological process involving the growth of new capillaries, blood vessels. It is a normal and vital process in growth and development, as well as in healing. However, it is also a fundamental step in the transition of tumors from a dormant state to a malignant one.

The list above was compiled after thorough research on angiogenesis inhibitors. These inhibitors stop the growth of the capillaries in new mutated cells, often cancerous. The consumption of garlic, parsley, berries or licorice can prevent the proliferation of malignant cells.

Is true that medical studies on different forms of cancers do not show a high-efficiency of these foods (see here) but that might be because the cancer is already in place. Another reason to say: Prevention is better than cure.

Frankly, my dear…

It would be kind of annoying having only sunny days. Having only successful days. There are days that are just blah… Today is such a day.  But I think that’s fine.  It is in this kind of days, when you feel down and deserted, that you have to notice little details that surround you.  Stop the noise inside you and listen to the birds,  watch the grass growing or a child playing. Of course you may find yourself drowning in thoughts of anxiety and worries, but what do you gain if you do so? Instead indulge yourself with a special treat and don’t feel guilty about it.

Say it loud to yourself: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!