let the love out

Although many people think that if they give their love they will become weak and can be manipulated by their beloved, in reality things are quite different. Actually, is not love what makes us weak, but need.  The more needs we have, the more dependent we became on the sources which fulfill those needs. Love is a fundamental need for those who do not have it and its intensity is clearly visible in the actions of those who love, or more accurately, if we refer to love as a need, its intensity is visible in the actions of those who do not have it or feel like losing it, and act to preserve it.

In our times few are the ones that can really give much love to others. Most people do not have love and they are looking desperately for someone to offer them the love they need. This is the greatest tragedy: many people want to be loved, but very few want to love. If we learn to love, then by default we meet two goals: you will not have to be addicted to the love of others and at the same time, we become a source of love for others, sources which will attract like a magnet the ones who feel the love that flows through us.

Love’s nobility has nothing to do with ego and pride. One who really loves is naturally humble because his love sees the value of the souls around him. In this way it will not be tempted to think over them, but will aim to get closer to the people around, having a feeling of admiration for them and sincere friendship.

Whisper softly to me
Share with me your heart
And just ignore the world and what it does
I know that you’ve been hurting, you’ve been torn apart
And I pull you close and hold you in my arms

If you give love
I’ll return the love and you will see
So much more than you gave away
If you give love
Give it to me

Listen very closely as I sing this song
And please believe that I mean every word
When I say I love you
I mean it with all my heart
Let it be the best thing that you’ve ever heard

Whisper softly to me
Share with me your heart


2 thoughts on “let the love out

  1. Asupra unei singure fraze mi-as dori sa reflectezi…sa te intrebi si sa te intreb,daca are legatura cu realitatea despre care stii…”This is the greatest tragedy: many people want to be loved, but very few want to love.”….

  2. … sa ma privesti cu bunatate atunci cand obosesc sa te mai caut… sa ma invelesti cu cerul atunci cand mi-e prea teama de caderi… …sa ma astepti cu rabdare atunci cand ratacesc drumul spre tine…sa ma imbratisezi cu drag cand apar, intr-un tarziu… … sa-mi gasesti in fiecare zambet un rasarit portocaliu…sa imi dezlipesti de pe tample cate un vis proaspat, si sa-l transformi aievea cu-n sarut… …sa crezi in mine pana la capatul lumilor… sa gasesti un sens tacerilor mele chinuitoare, gandurilor mele pierdute si lacrimilor mele cand imi canti… …sa suspini cand obrazul imi arde de dor pe pieptul tau… sa te infiori cand ma topesc in bratele tale, zambindu-ti in pupila rotunda… …sa-mi adormi in minte si sa mi te trezesti in suflet… sa-mi dai in fiecare zi motive sa mai mor un pic de dragul tau… … sa ma iubesti ca la inceput si.. sa stii ca te iubesc pana la sfarsit…

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