three advices and a song

Ask for what you want but do not make claims.” – this advice from Ken Keyes should be used according to ones needs but I think that is important to reflect on it whenever possible.

When one makes a claim like “you should do what I want”, “you should do what is important to me,”  you actually consent to cede the control on your life and on your state of well-being. You will become dependent on the reactions of others and may suffer if they are not doing what you want. And there’s another trap: if you don’t say what you want, because you fear that your request might not be appreciated, your chances to get it are extremely small.

A second advice from Keyes: Accept, for the moment, everything that happens to you.

You can forgive an “unforgiving” thing and you can love what it is not to be loved.  Do not react by feeling hurt. Our suffering is powered only by our mind that feels hurt or unhappy.

And there’s a third one, like a charm: Give more love, even if you don’t get back what you want or expect.

To love is to tear down the walls which surround your heart, and let the feelings to reach your beloved. Love has nothing to do with what happens in your life, but in your heart. To love is not to like what your loved one is doing and is not to say “I love you, if you do this for me”. Real love needs no reasons and no conditions.

If you really want to learn love you must be able to keep your heart open, no matter what happens.

Your happiness potential can only be reached by feeling and manifesting love – for yourself and for the others.

There’s only one person who can really make you happy – the one that reflects into your mirror.

Remember – the piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colors in your mind


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