My Zen Master

Eckhart Tolle said: “I have lived with many zen masters, all of them we’re cats”.

I am living with a cat since 2002. Although I’m not sure about her being a zen master, there is certainly a lot for me to learn from her. Some say that a pet starts to resemble with his owner, but that is true mainly for dogs. I think cats have a bigger ability to not be stuck in their egos and can live their lives in perfect peace.

My cat came into my life after a series of events which today I might consider them a synchronicity. But that’s another story, maybe a whole future post on synchronicity.

She’s a little spoiled, talks mainly with me and she is overweight. Strangely I didn’t gave her a name. I call her with many names, especially Piticot (Dwarfy). Let’s call it P here.

I wanted to start this post saying that I have a cat but after a thought I am not sure who owns who. Maybe I am her caretaker, food-giver, brusher, softy-warm sleepmate, toy-mouse thrower, faucet opener – cause she only drinks fresh water, rubbing post, friend and maybe family. More likely you could say she owns me, since I do all of the work while she gets most benefits. But I love her and am happy to do it. This feeling of love for a cat was kind of strange in the beginning cause I enjoyed dogs and still do. I never saw myself as having a cat as I grew up. Now, I live with a cat and love it.

There are some lessons I’ve learned from P.

Don’t waste your time with others that you don’t like. Surround yourself only with people who you resonate with – physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

If something is bothering you, step aside. Any disharmony you feel you should isolate and detach from it.

Show empathy and compassion.

You cannot own another Being.

Be patient.

Choose loving-kindness over convenience.


One thought on “My Zen Master

  1. Now, if you’ll allow me, i’ll try to imagine that I was your cat instead of Mr. P. This is my version of cat-philosophy of life 😛

    “Don’t waste your time with others that you don’t like” – Sometimes life engages you in relations with people that you don’t like. Personally, i’m mostly surrounded by that kind of people. I see them everyday. I work with them, i eat with them, i love them. I honestly say that the hardest lessons came from the encounter with them. I wasted my time so long seeing myself as a saviour, trying to change them, passing by the lesson of changing myself. But i began to be aware of the meaning of their presence in my life. You don’t actually choose the people you meet. Well, maybe you do choose them, but not in a rational way. There is a meaning underneath al your relationships.

    The people i like are episodic characters for me. They have always been passengers in my life. They opened new important chapters in my evolution, they showed myself to me in a new light. When they finished they’re mission, they left. I never forced them to stay despite my flaming desire to keep them in my life. The lesson they gave to me was pleasant but not made for attachements. I had to enjoy their staying as much as i could, to love them and feel them at the highest intensity, beeing careful not to want them for myself.

    I’ve got people that i don’t like for long-term, with lessons like chinese water torture, slow-learning boring lessons. It’s all about practice. Perseverence. Try, try, try, try until you succed. Tolerance. Endurance. Soul-mind equilibrum. These are the lessons that you learn from unpleasant people. It’s even harder when you love them. So much harder. When it will be the time, i’ll set myself free from their chains. One at a time.

    “Surround yourself only with people who you resonate with – physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually” – Does that mean that people resonate voluntarily? ‘Cause if it is, i have a little different opinion. You can only take care of your vibration. The others take care of theirs. The process of resonating is beyond our will and action. It just happens! Twink!!! and the people resonate…and come together…what you can do is to reject the person from different reasons (fear, unsecurity, etc) but you can never choose a dude on the street to resonate with. At least that’s my opinion.

    “Any disharmony you feel you should isolate and detach from it.” – You can never hide of something imaterial. Resistance or forced isolation won’t solve the problem. You have the power of accepting the disharmony, understanding it, searching it’s cause or roots, and converting it into positive vibration. In my cat-life this was the only method that gave results.

    I hope Mr. P. won’t mind for disagreeing with him. I’m sure he still has other lessons to teach 🙂

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