Gates of Heaven and Hell Parable

A professional warrior went to a spiritual master to ask him about the gate to heaven and the gate to hell, for  he was at the twilight of life and thought of afterlife.

Reaching his master he asks about the mystery.

The Master looked at him and he saw a warrior with the mind of a warrior, and thought twice on how to explain such a subtle metaphysical concept about salvation.

The Master asked:  “But who are you?”

He responded: “I am a great warrior. Even the King knows me.”

The master replied: “You? Great warrior? You look like a disfigured knave.

The warrior got angry, took his sword and raised it over the Master for such offense. Master saw him with the sword and said: “This is the gate to Hell!”

The warrior understood the lesson and, embarrassed, apologized. The Master, seeing his gesture of hiding the sword, and penitence, said: “This is the gate to Heaven!”

Moral: Our most destructive emotions are hatred, anger, contempt. Their source is pride, ill ego and aggression.
Other destructive emotions are morbid sadness, despair and outrage. Their source is self-aggression, loss of self esteem, atimia. Also, some destructive emotions come from material attachment, delusion and ignorance.

image by Priteeboy

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