love this song -Marillion – This train is my life

This train is my life/Speeding through the night

We have been to these places / For barely a moment

Wide awake /Sometimes sleeping /Sometimes watching /Sometimes dreaming

Through stroby stations /Too fast to know their names/Too fast to know if we came or will come again

Sleeping towns joined together / By the steel of the rails

Parallel lines / Parallel lives

You and I/ We’re movie-rich /We’re reflected in the window / The dark night’s black mirror glass

Distant lights from the wrong side of the tracks

Christmas lights/Go by in the houses/Anonymous windows/Anonymous rooms of Anonymous souls

So take my hand/Squeeze it tight /Make some light/In the darkness

I’m glad you came on this trip/Don’t lose your grip/Don’t lose your grip

This train is my life/This train is my life

Travel with me /And we’ll see..


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