Forgotten promises

We promise according to our hopes, and perform according to our fears. ~ Francois duc de la Rochefoucauld

When we make a promise we take a commitment – based on what we know and what we project in the future. We hold the belief that things will evolve in a certain way and thus we will be able to fulfil the promise. But many times life takes a different turn than we expected and to keep our promises becomes a little more difficult and maybe more “costly”  than we first assumed.

Promises bond us and make our future. We begin by making promises to ourselves. Even since childhood we promise to ourselves that we will do certain things. We take pledges with our soul that become important guidelines in our life. Our minds take on this promises and transform them in rules of survival. And as time passes by we forget we made those promises… which turn into fear, anxiety, discomfort or fobia.

What have you promise to yourself? Oh, you don’t remember exactly because you were too young and so much time has passed since. There is another way to find out what promises are still active in you. Which are the things you live in your life but you actually don’t like and you find a hard time changing them? Which are your fears?

Are you having a hard time speaking in public, you think you will be a lousy spouse or parent or are you anxious about the security in your life? All this can be explained by a promise you made to yourself during childhood – maybe you we’re embarrassed by your parents when singing a song, or by a teacher for not knowing the answer, or maybe your parents we’re fighting and you said to yourself “I will never get married”…

To overcome all these obstacles you must break those promises. Just cancel it from your mind. It might sound childish, but it works. Just mean it and repeat it several times and then give it some time to erase itself.

Let see if it works!

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