A Dragonfly Story

Last year, on a beautiful Wednesday of mid September, I was just walking out of my bank and suddenly a dragonfly landed on my left shoulder. I stoped and looked at it for a second. It was a regular dragonfly, with those fragile wings, long body and huge green eyes. It seemed ok, with intact wings and no injuries. I first thought that if I was to move it will fly away, so I reached my right hand and put my fingers close to it. To my surprise the dragonfly turned to my fingers and slowly “stepped” on.

I started to walk slowly towards my car, as a man who saw the whole scene smiled at me. With the dragonfly on my fingers I got inside the car and opened the window, waiting for a minute to see if it wants to fly away. It stayed. I closed the window and start the engine. I put the dragonfly on my lap and started driving back to the office, which is not far away. I was so excited about my new friend. I took it again on my fingers when I got back to my office and stepped in presenting the dragonfly to everybody.

After a few minutes we went out in the backyard and I held my hand up. The dragonfly flew away. I was happy for it. It was a beautiful experience and some of the best ten minutes of my life.

I don’t know why, in many western cultures these little fragile and agile insects are associated with evil. If you look at older cultures like Hopi, Zuni or even Japanese you willl find dragonflies associated with all kinds of virtues and positive symbols.

Dragonflies always fascinated me!


One thought on “A Dragonfly Story

  1. I just love dragonflies. They are beautiful and so agile. There are great rewards to be experienced by taking time out of your day to pay attention to the small things in life, small creatures included.

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