Destiny or Fate?

Everyone experiences good times and bad times, moments of joy and moments when the things happening around us seem to bring confusion, sorrow and pain. When something like this happens in your life ask yourself if it isn’t the universe that is providing you a necessary precondition for a transformation.

We usually feel miserable when something bad happens and easily block ourselves of looking at the things more objectively. We build walls of fear and thus we are rejecting the process of transformation which is triggered by the unfortunate event.

“Universe does not provide us with what we want. It gives us what we need.

It provides us our needs at many levels, both collective and personal.

Universe rewards courage. It removes obstacles, smooths the path, and brings additional opportunities, once courage is demonstrated. By embracing Destiny, one can avoid Fate.”(excerpt from Cliff High)

What’s the difference? The difference is the intent to recognize, and harmonize with what the universe provides – even we think is good or bad. The ability to harmonize grows over time and is not a prerequisite to universal process. It is the decision, apparently, to take all that comes from universe as grist for our personal mill of transformation, that changes the experience from fate to destiny. Thereafter it is keeping to that decision that is necessary. No small task. Beyond that, the ability to listen to universe, and effectively harmonize, are skills that grow over time with failure (success rarely teaches us anything).

This is true both personally and collectively.

Universe rewards courage, both personally and collectively. Paradoxically, in order for the populace to have courage collectively, the individual must have it, and be prepared to demonstrate it. Once demonstrated by one individual, courage runs through a populace like flame through brush.


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