Transalpina – the road in the sky

Transalpina 1

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Transalpina is a mountains crossing road in Romania, that starts in Novaci (Gorj county) and after some 125 km reaches Sebes (Alba county). But this is no ordinary beautiful mountain road. More than 30 km of this road are at over 2000 m altitude, reaching 2145m at its peak.

Transalpina 1

History and legends are telling us that this road might be founded by Roman legions in 105 -106 a.d. – when the Romans where fighting with the Dacians.

In WW I the German army paved the road with stone, and then between  the world wars it was rebuild and inaugurated in 1938 by Carol II – king of Romania – which gave the name “King’s Road”.

Transalpina – mac

In popular tales it is called “The Devil’s path”.

Not once, driving on this road you fill like riding on the back of large serpent that crawls on the top of the mountains.

Most of the trip I was speechless. Never seen such beauty!

Even better than the Transfagarasan road, which is another “road in the clouds” that passes the Carpathians. Even Top Gear agreed:


Since 2011, Transalpina was rebuilt and looks perfect.

And the drive is a charm! One more reason to visit Romania 🙂 even if you leave in Romania!

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