Daca va ganditi la Sapte Stele ca la un simbol al calitatii, well… nu despre asta va fi vorba, cel putin nu in principal. Cele Sapte Stele la care fac eu referire sunt chiar stele – din Pleiade – constelatia Taur. Si nu, nu este un blog despre astrologie sau astronomie. Doar o aluzie la un univers mult mai mare care ne inconjoara, la lucruri de departe care ne influenteaza, la nimicuri carora le dam prea mare importanta, la muzica dinauntru nostru, la energii subtile, la oameni si la locuri.


Sapte Stele (Seven Stars) is ment to be a blog on big things around us that we often ignore, little things that we sometime give too much attention, on the music inside, on subtle energies, people and places. The Seven Stars I am referring are the Seven Sister from Pleiades – Taurus constellation,  the star cluster that is nearest to earth and that has special meanings in many cultures and philosophic beliefs. …And sometimes I write in Romanian.

enjoy, and feel free to comment



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Todo bien- all good; si, some of our brothers and sisters come from the Pleiades !

  2. Dear mac,

    Thank you for contributing Sapte Stele to the cyber world. I am sure that many candles will be lit from your flame. Very best wishes with it.

    For your information, your blog came to my attention via a fellow member of Veterans for Peace (Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler Brigade in eastern Massachusetts, USA. I will recommend it to my daughter Thuraya (the Arabic word for “Pleiades”).

    Peace and love!

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